Terms and Conditions - Cancellation, Refund & Return Policy

  • For any type of Cancellation, refund, or return request, the customer has to send an official email to Everest Sports (tanzania@juventus-academy.com) mentioning all the details and the reason for a refund;
  • The email should contain the transaction date and the card number in the format xxxx * * xxxx;
  • The academy will evaluate the request and inform the customer if the refund is possible or not;
  • If the academy approves the refund; the refund request will be sent to the Bank and the refund will be credited to the card from which the payment is made. The refund process will take 10 to 15 working days;
  • No refunds will be handed out on account of any Government Closures (in the event of potential future closures). Balance sessions will be compensated.

Missed sessions

  • Players will only be entitled to a ‘make up’ session should they miss the session through illness or injury. Prior notice that they will be unable to attend should be given by contacting the office. This must be supported by a doctor’s note.
  • When a place is available for players to attend a ‘make up’ session parents/guardians will be contacted by the Juventus Academy Tanzania Team with the date and time of the session that they may attend. Should the player fail to attend the make-up session that has been agreed they will be no longer be entitled to a further session.
  • Players will only be entitled to a maximum of 2 ‘make up’ sessions per term due to illness or injury.
  • A player who suffers from a long term injury or illness where they are unable to participate for more than 2 sessions will be considered by the management on an individual basis and a suitable compensation arranged.
  • Players missing sessions cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control for example extreme weather conditions will not be entitled to a make-up session.

Delivery Policy

  • For the training kit (t-shirt, shorts & socks) or backpack purchased, once the payment is made, the customer needs to visit the office to collect the product.
  • Training sessions will be offered by the coaches at the designated place and time as mentioned in the program description. Please contact the academy for further information ( tanzania@juventusacademy.com or +255 - 743002000)

Everest Sports Limited Company management RESERVES the rights to use/reproduce the names, the Images & Videos (Normal and/or on the pitch Training), any other details of the Player registered with "Juventus Academy Tanzania" for the Fliers/News Letters/Websites/Any Publicity Media/Any Other Publicity OR Promotional Purpose for the "Juventus Academy Tanzania".

Juventus Academy Tanzania does not hold any responsibility for the safety of the child outside the training ground. Juventus Academy Tanzania cannot be held liable for anything that may occur before or after training sessions time. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure the safety of their child and provide appropriate supervision when the child is outside the training ground.

Juventus Academy Tanzania reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.