Privacy Policy

Confidential information:

  • The academy will not disclose confidential information without express authority, especially about students, parents, staff, voluntary or other workers at the academy nor breach their right to privacy.
  • All data on players are stored on secure laptops and storage drives.

Sharing imagines and video media:

  • The academy will share photos and video media on our social media channels, which include but are not limited to, Website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Whats app.
  • Upon registration you would have had the option to opt out of your player being included in this media.
  • If you wish to change your decision you should inform the academy.


  • The academy and its coaches will only interact with players on official Juventus channels.
  • Coaches personal accounts should remain private and players should not follow/friend them.
  • Coaches will also not follow/friend players from their own accounts.
  • Coaches and players will not share direct messages.

What app groups:

  • Juventus what app groups are only used to share official information and media directly related to the academy such as: session changes or cancellations, academy promotions and sharing photos and video media of the pitch.
  • Players phone numbers only added to what app groups with permission from a parent.
  • Coaches will only share information with players on official academy groups unless prior permission have been given to communicate directly with a player by a parent.