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Juventus Academy Nigeria Policy

Juventus Academy Nigeria programs are committed to developing players, coaches in a positive football environment. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for players to play at the highest level commensurate with individual ability, potential and interest.

To support this goal, Juventus Academy Nigeria provides professional training and coaching at all age levels, along with a myriad of programs designed to maximize player potential, character and sportsmanship.

To achieve this goal, all parties involved have to work together along a guideline that enables us to provide the best service we can as well as gratification of our service users.

1.0 General Policies

1.1 Team Administration

Each team is assigned a Coach whose responsibility is:

  • To train the team
  • To coach during games
  • To undertake player evaluations
  • Be the first line of communication for team parents when a potential grievance is identified and escalate to HR if necessary
  • To address concerns from parents concerning their child and escalate to HR if necessary

Each team is assigned a Training day staff whose responsibility is

  • To communicate with their team relative to schedules, tournaments, etc.
  • To sign in and sign out players after training sessions
  • Respond to enquiries about Juventus Academy Nigeria programs
  • To address concerns from parents concerning their child and escalate to HR if necessary

A Coach may be coaching more than one Juventus Academy Nigeria team. Because of this, there will be schedule conflicts that prevent the Coach from making it to every game. In these instances, another Juventus professional trainer will cover the game. 

1.2 Try-outs

Juventus Academy Nigeria will hold try-outs for every age level during the football season. All players must try-out according to their birth year. These try-outs are designed to evaluate players and ensure that they are placed on the appropriate roster. Roster decisions will be made by the Director of Coaching and Juventus Academy Nigeria professional coaching staff. Juventus Academy Nigeria players are continually evaluated during the course of the football season. If deemed in the best interest of the player, the DOC may move a player midseason to a higher-level team.  

1.3 Team Assignments

Team assignments are made by the Director of Coaching and the Juventus Academy Nigeria professional coaches and are based upon skill level and capabilities. The Club reserves the right to assign individual players to teams that are not age appropriate, but a better fit with the player’s skill level and capabilities. The Club also reserves the right to assign players to teams to ensure that there are enough players to field a team at a particular age group, as long as the assignment does not negatively impact the player’s development.

1.4 Leagues, Matches and Tournaments

Every team is expected to participate in tournaments each football year. Selection of the tournaments will be done by the Director of Coaching and will be based upon team development needs, a variety of competition, etc

Tournaments and matches will be attended both locally and internationally

Tournaments and matches that involves travelling will be at an extra cost

1.5 Playing Time

Juventus Academy Nigeria does not have a policy on equal playing time for all players on a team. Playing time is determined by several factors including: attendance at practices and games; attitude at practices and games; and playing ability. However, Juventus Academy Nigeria encourages all coaches to substitute so that all registered players have some playing time.

1.6 Training and Attendance

Training is mandatory. Players who cannot be present at training should notify the office ahead of time

1.7 Goalkeeper Program

Juventus Academy Nigeria offers specialized training and clinics for the goalkeeper position. This training is in addition to the team training. If a player has a conflict, a team training session can be missed.

1.8 Kits

Juventus Academy strives to project a professional image both on and off the field. The Juventus Academy uniform plays an integral part in the projection of academy identity by instilling a sense of team pride and community within the organization. Players are required to wear only the prescribed kit components to games and practices. The full kit is mandatory for all players.

1.9 Complaints

Complaints about team matters should be directed to the coach and, if possible, resolved at the team level. If the matter cannot be resolved at the team level, the coach should present the grievance or complaint to the HR or Director of Coaching. Grievances or complaints about the coach should be communicated directly to the HR or Director of Coaching. All grievances or complaints given to the Director of Coaching will be reviewed with the Executive Director.

All grievances and complaints should be resolved in accordance with Juventus Academy rules, policies and procedures. If no clearly applicable rules, policies, or procedures exist, the Board of Directors will make the final determination.

1.10 Academy Fees and Financial Policies 

Fees for participation in the academy cover the entire football year (September to May plus Pre-Season). A player who accepts an invitation to play with the academy commits to pay the entire fee for the full football year. No refunds, partial or full, will be issued to players who choose not to participate for any reason at any point after the commitment is made. No refunds, partial or full will be made in the event a player is suspended or removed from the program.

In the case where payment is late without prior extension, the player is considered ineligible for play until all financial issues are resolved.

1.11 Photographs and Player Information

We reserve the right to take photographs of participants in our activities and use them for relevant promotional purposes. If you do not wish your child to be part of this, please let us know in writing at the time of registration.

Players information will remain confidential throughout the football year.

2.0 Parent/Player Commitment

Juventus Academy Nigeria strives to promote fair play, sportsmanship and strength of character. The game belongs to the players and as parents and coaches, we set the example.  

2.1 Parent Player Agreement

Every parent and player consents to a code of conduct agreement and all club policies upon accepting an invite to join the club. This Parent/Player agreement sets out expectations relative to behaviour, sportsmanship, and conduct as a member of Juventus Academy. By signing the document, the parent/player agrees to honour this agreement. Violations of the agreement may result in sanctions imposed on the offending member. These sanctions may include but are not limited to reprimand; suspension from the team and club activities and facilities; and in extreme cases, expulsion from the club. No refunds, partial or full will be made in the event a player is suspended or removed from the program.

See form 1.

2.2 recruiting practices and poaching

By accepting an invitation to join the Club, the player commits to playing in the Club for the entire football year. Any player or parent found to be actively recruiting Juventus Academy Nigeria players to transfer to another football organization will be suspended for a minimum of one year and may be further disciplined by the Board of Directors. In instances where a parent is directly involved and has more than one player in the Club, the suspension will be extended to include all other family members.

2.3 Sideline Behaviour

Parents are expected to maintain a positive sportsmanship approach towards all players, officials, coaches, and other families before, during, and after a game. Verbal or physical assaults on referees, players, coaches or other parents will not be tolerated and will be cause for suspension. In addition, it is important that parents avoid attempting to help coach players from the sideline. Leagues and Tournament rules require that coaches be located in the bench area during the course of a game. Teams that are deemed to be breaking this rule may be subjected to a penalty. By observing this rule, the parents also reduce potential confusion created when players receive instructions from multiple sources. Allowing the coaches to be the sole source of instruction during a game ensures that the potential for player confusion is reduced. Behaviour by the parent or player in contravention to the player/parent agreement and/or deemed inappropriate by the Board will result in disciplinary action.

2.4 Sideline Behaviour 2 

Sideline Coaching – Let the coaches’ coach

Allow the coaches to manage the players and refrain from offering additional instruction during games or practices. Spectator direction and instructions from the sideline to the players on the field is counterproductive to player development. A critical part of the player development process is to provide players with the tools to make decisions for themselves during games. The games are the player’s time to make their own decisions with the help and guidance of their coaches.

Sideline Criticism and Sportsmanship

Enjoy cheering for your child. Positive cheering is encouraged however negative remarks about any players performance during games is not tolerated. Treat all players, opponents, parents, officials, and coaches with courtesy, respect, and good sportsmanship. Avoid criticizing players, teammates, coaches, organization, or opponents in public. Always remember, parents set the example for players and represent the club 

*Respect the referee's decision *

Always respect officials. Criticizing the referee's decision is counterproductive. While you may not agree, refrain from criticizing the referee's decision. Any concerns about the referee’s individual or overall performances must be directed to the Coach or to the Director of Coaching at the appropriate time who will follow up through the appropriate channels. Parents are not to address any officials directly.

Approaching the Coach on game day

Parents must remain on the spectator’s side of the field for the duration of the game and are not allowed to approach the coach during the game. Parents must respect the need for a cooling off period immediately after games and not attempt to offer critiques to coaches until sufficient time has passed. All critiques will be approached in an adult, positive way and not in front of youth players.

Behaviour by the parent deemed inappropriate by the Board will result in disciplinary action.

2.5 Disciplinary Action

Behaviour by the parent or player in contravention to the player/parent agreement and/or deemed inappropriate by the Programs Committee of Juventus Academy Nigeria will result in disciplinary action which may include but is not limited to the following:

1. Issue a letter of reprimand

2. Place on probation with such special conditions as are deemed appropriate

3. Suspend for a definite period of time not to exceed one (1) year from the date of the offence.

Disciplinary action may be extended to include all family members.

If the Executive Board finds the conduct of any player/parent purposely ignores the Club Rules, Regulations or is detrimental to the objectives of the club, it may suspend the member, or take such other sanctions or actions deemed necessary under the circumstances.

2.7 Venue Etiquette

Please remember that staff, players and families are guest at these facilities.

Juventus Academy Nigeria kindly ask that everyone respect these properties and use them only for scheduled activities, observing safety guidelines and disposing of waste properly.

Please be aware that parents are considered strictly responsible and liable for any damage caused by children under their supervision.

3.0 Safety 

3.1 Medicals, First Aid and Health Insurance

Participation in football and physical activities come certain understanding of risk to the participant. The parents or legal guardians of the participant understands and agrees that Juventus Academy Nigeria will not be liable for any accidents or injuries.

To create the safest environment possible, each player must undergo Pre-medicals as a requirement to joining Juventus Academy Nigeria

 Juventus Academy Nigeria will provide first aid and physiotherapy services during training sessions and other events.

Juventus Academy Nigeria recommends all players have medical insurance or health pack

The parents or legal guardians of participant understand, agree and authorize first aid personnel to administer medical first aid for the participant in an event of injury that requires medical attention. If further attention beyond the capabilities of first aid staff is required, the legal guardian or parent understand and agree that the participant will be escorted to a medical facility

3.2 Refund Policy and Indemnification

The parents or legal guardians understand and agree to completely indemnify JAcademy Nigeria for any expenses or liabilities as a result of any injury or any other loss to the participant.

The parents or legal guardians understand and agree that JAcademy Nigeria, its representatives, volunteers, and sponsors will not be held responsible to any theft, any actions, or any damages or destruction of property

If a class is missed due to sickness or any other reason, no refund or credit note will be issued, and make up lessons cannot be arranged for absentees. 

Registration fees are fully refundable up to 5 working days before an activity begins (unless stated otherwise on specific program). Refund must be collected within 1 months of issue, or they will be cancelled. Refunds will not be issued in the case of quarantines, epidemics, or any force majeure situation.

4.0 Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances. Juventus academy Nigeria will try to organise make up sessions where possible