The Juventus Academy (SHA) Competitive program is committed to developing players in a positive football environment. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for players to play at the highest level commensurate with individual ability, potential and interest following the philosophy and methodology that design by Juventus Youth Academy in Turin-Italy. To support this goal, J-Academy Competitive provides professional training and coaching at all age levels, along with a myriad of programs designed to maximize player potential, character and sportsmanship.

In the Competitive Football program, teams are formed through try-outs, selecting each player independently. Each player has no guarantee of minimum playing time and the coaches arrange substitutions and player rotations according to their plan and strategy for each game. Players will only be accepted onto one team and if chosen, will be notified through email. Coaches reserve the right to add players during the season to fill possible openings throughout the year.

COMMITMENT: Players are expected to commit to their team, attending every practice and game. JAS understands that children have other commitments of importance. However, it is expected that social activities will be rearranged or take second place to JAS Competitive training and games. Being committed to JAS teaches children how to manage one’s priorities. Attendance will be taken at practices and games. Poor attendance will have a negative impact on the development of the child and thus, a similarly negative impact to the success of the team. Training is mandatory, J-Academy must be notified and apprive ahead of time.

TIME COMMITMENT: Though competitive Football is a big commitment time-wise, it is fun and players join because they love to play! Practices for all categories are held twice a week on, plus there’s one game day every week.

UNIFORMS: Juventus Academy Shanghai strives to project a professional image both on and off the fields. The J-Academy uniform plays an integral part in the projection of academy identity by instilling a sense of team pride and community within the organisation. Players are required to wear only the prescribed uniform components to games and practices. The full kit is mandatory for all players

2020/2021 Football Season: August 31st 2020 - June 3rd 2021


Puxi site- Sport+ Tihui Girls + Boys U7-U13 Monday and Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm
U14-U18 Monday and Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm
Pudong site- L Sport Park Girls + Boys U7-U18 Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:00pm

*League and friendly games will be on Saturdays, rarely might get arranged on Sunday when it is not available on Saturdays


Juventus Academy Shanghai Cup TBC TBD
Juventus Academy World Cup TBC Juventus FC (Italy) facility

Juventus Shanghai teams are also going to participate in some international tournaments such as JSSL (Singapore), CUKI (Thailand), BSL (Thailand), Xiamen, Beijing, and others.

We will assess the level of the tournament and each Juventus team to decide which teams will be participating.


Golden Week Camp TBC
Chinese New Year Camp TBC
Spring Camp TBC
Summer Camps (Shanghai) TBC
Summer Camp (Juventus FC facility in Turin) TBC
Juventus Training Experience TBC