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Football Academies Georgia LLC
ID: 442736951
Address: Georgia, Tsalenjikha, Leo Kyacheli Street

Who we are

We are the officially licensed partner of the world-renowned football club JUVENTUS FOOTBALL CLUB S.P.A. (“Juventus”) to organize the year-round academy (“Academy”) for the territory of the Academy. 

Our Service

We provide to local young footballer sport trainings activities employing the “Juventus Approach” for the kids from different age groups (from 6 to 16 years old). 

For the sake of clarity, our company has no partnership or agreement with the Juventus related to transfer of professional players. 

General Rules

The enrollment of the players to our Academy is based on the selection process organized and managed by the Academy’s coaches and management (“Academy’s staff”). Academy reserves the right to place the players to the respective age group based on the selection process depending to skills and abilities level of players, according to the decision made by the Academy staff. 

For the sake of clarity, invitation to participate and participation of players in the selection process of the Academy in no case obliges the Academy to select and enroll player. The decision on the enrollment of players is the sole discretion of the Academy’s staff, therefore any attempt to influence or intervene into the decision-making process by parents/guardians, relatives and/or any third-party will automatically cause the refusal to player. 

The Academy reserves full rights to change the program, time, length and/or any other aspect of the training’s sessions or competition events at any time, without any obligations to refund or organize the makeup trainings. 

The training sessions or competition events of the Academy are delivered to players, their parents, relatives and friends (“Participants”) in close format by acceptance of the Academy staff. Any video recording or photography during the training session by Participants, which were not pre-agreed and allowed by the Academy’s staff is strictly prohibited. 

By participation in the Academy’s activities (trainings, competition events etc.) and/or selection process of the Academy the players, their parents/guardians automatically grant permission to the Academy and the Juventus to use any media materials (such as video, photos, names and/or any derivates produced of it) worldwide without any additional approval or compensation required. The media materials might be use for commercial purposes worldwide in the printed and/or digital materials, as well as for publications on the webpages and social/media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.

The detailed and explicit rules and responsibilities for participation in the Academy’s activities and trainings will be defined in the contractual agreement between the Academy and Parents/Guardians (on behalf of the players) for the selected players.  

How we use the personal data

For the detailed information on this subject, please read the Privacy Policy and keep in mind that those terms constitute essential part of the terms of use and are legally binding. 


Any visitor can browse this website freely, but registration is required to submit your request to join one of the available trainings groups (by age). 

For the registration you need to fill in full and accurate identity and contact information, including name, surname, age, mobile number and e-mail address. 

Please keep in mind that submitted contact information, including e-mail shall be valid and active, as we predominantly use the e-mail to communicate with our users and we will not bear any responsibility if you do not received the relevant information because you have not read the notice sent to your e-mail. The same is true for the SMS and/or mobile calls. 

Please, keep in mind that the information used during the registration should be kept secret and you should not disclose it any third party, because we will not be liable if someone to use your data for any purpose without authorization.

Important: Please be aware that submission of the data to our website to join our trainings in no case obliges the Academy to enroll you or your children or invite for selection process. The Academy reserves the full rights to enroll the players based on their own selection process, which might be amended or changed from time to time. 

Use of the website

Information placed on the website is intended only for private use. 

It is not allowed to disseminate, share or reproduce in any way for third-party commercial purposes and any other information, also structure, image and design of the webpage without Juventus and Academy written consent. 

Any illegal/fraudulent action when using the website, defamation or hate speech or uploading, disseminating, or transferring any information which may violate applicable laws and regulations or harm Academy or Juventus or any other third-party name, trademark, dignity or reputation is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to cause any damage to the website via any harmful software, including but limited to the following instances:

  • Collecting e-mail addresses and other contact information via automated or any other methods and means;
  • Using the webpage in any manner that interferes with the normal operation or accessibility of any of its services;
  • Using automated programs (scripts);
  • Copying, processing, disseminating, downloading, transferring, selling or using in any other manner the information placed on the website or any part without authorization, except for the cases stipulated by terms and conditions and local laws.

Intellectual Property

This website, its content, structure and design are fully protected by Juventus’s copyright. Exclusive rights also extend to any object of intellectual property created and/or registered, including its trade name, logo etc.

Unauthorized use, processing or publication (including on social media) of any information/content (including logo, pictogram, graphics, image, picture, patent, trade/service names, design, images of Juventus and other visual media) on this website and/or other registered or unregistered intellectual property is prohibited. 

Please keep in mind that downloading or creating copies of any information from the webpage for commercial purposes shall be qualified as the violation of the laws of Georgia, which results in civil and/or criminal liability.

Third Party Links

We may publish on our website hyperlinks/links of the webpages or platforms owned by third parties to provide you with interesting information or guide you to our media on other platforms.

Please keep in mind that these links and the information on them are beyond our control and the products/services that be advertised there and the accuracy of their contents are not our liability. Therefore, in order to use these links safely and without problems, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions pertaining to each specific link.


Please bear in mind that using our webpage or any its information depends on many different factors, including internet connection and its safety, working condition of your device etc. Therefore, we do not bear responsibility for any loss or damage, which is caused by using this website or information published on the latter. 

We also cannot guarantee or undertake responsibility for the restriction of access to the website or to any of its components and/or any other delay.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Above terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Georgia. If there is a dispute, the case will be heard by Tbilisi City Court as stipulated by law or by arbitrage mutually agreed by the parties.

In addition, Juventus reserves the right to undertake, at its sole discretion, all judicial or extrajudicial initiatives necessary to protect the Juventus Academy, Trademark, Intellectual Property and Materials.

Declaring any provision of these terms null and void will not affect the validity of other provisions.