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Juventus Football Academy Comes to Istria This Year

Make the most of the pleasant spring weather and the coming holidays and spend some quality time with your family in Poreč. In collaboration with FC Juventus, your little ones have the opportunity to join the football academy in April, headed by professional Juventus coaches.

The package is intended for children from 7 to 12 years old attending the football academy from 10 to 15 April.

Starting on Monday, 10 April, the participants will have a total of 10 training sessions on multipurpose fields with artificial turf in Istra Premium Camping Resort 5* and Lanterna Premium Camping Resort 4* near Poreč.

The package includes:

  • 10 training sessions with professional Juventus coaches (80 min per training session from Monday to Friday)
  • Football equipment as a gift (jersey, training pants, and football socks)*
  • Rental of equipment for training used by the participants for the duration of the camp
  • Water, fruits, and snacks
  • Closing ceremony and football academy diploma
  • Accommodation at a hotel, resort, or camping resort in Poreč

*After completing your booking, you will receive an email to choose the required size of the gift equipment.

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More information:

The participants will be divided into two teams by year of birth (from 2011 to 2013 and from 2014 to 2016) and will train twice a day, morning and afternoon practice, under the watchful eye of Juventus coaches. Children born between 2011 and 2013 will take part in training sessions at the Istra Premium Camping Resort 5, while younger children will have their training sessions at the Lanterna Premium Camping Resort 4.

All you have to do is select and book a hotel, resort, or camping resort of your liking in Poreč, because the number of participants is limited.

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juventus way

Juventus Way

Our approach

What do we mean by the “Juventus Way”? Following on from our philosophy, we aim to develop footballers through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. Our methodology can be summarised in five points:


Dictate proceedings, keep possession of the ball and stay calm. Focus on individual initiative and collective hard work.


Honed through dynamic drills that aim to perfect every technical skill. The development of each individual player is placed at the heart of every exercise.


Run through several detailed individual and team match situations, to be alternated throughout the week.


Train the individual to make effective decisions in match situations. Develop their speed of thought to adapt with changeable tactical and technical scenarios.


Promote an identity fostering the values of sacrifice, bravery and teamwork, to be applied both on and off the pitch.

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