Academy Malta

We at the Juventus Training Academy Malta are proud to announce that we will be holding a training camp in the Luxol Grounds Pembroke. This event will be held from 14th September to 18th September 2020.

For the first time in Malta, children aged 6 to 16 will get the unique opportunity to receive expert training from leaders in the industry. Juventus coaches from all over the world will be offering their knowledge base and skill set to these children in our training camp. For the overall price of €180, children will be given 4 hours of professional coaching for 5 days, daily lunch, as well as an official Juventus kit.

Schedule includes the following:

  • 9:00 - Parents should drop off Children at Luxol Grounds Pembroke
  • 9:30 - 11:30 - 1st Half of the training program
  • 11:30 - 13:15 - Lunch and Leisure Time
  • 13:15 - 15:15 - 2nd Half of the training program

If you have ordered your kit we will be delivering it soon if not contact malta@juventus-academy.com


Luxol Grounds

These grounds provide a unique atmosphere with great playing surfaces and facilities built on more than 15,000 square meters of land area. All our facilities and pitch are as complete as it gets, equipped with floodlighting, as well as male and female restrooms which are at the users’ disposal.


Juventus Training Academy Malta

The Juventus Training Academy Malta is a regular Soccer School set up to develop participants' footballing ability through the teaching of the Juventus philosophy and training method.

This takes place a number of times during the year and was set up with the aim of improving the youngsters' technical skills as well as their personal qualities in line with the main guiding concept: “Develop people first and footballers second”.


Programs we offer

juventus way

Juventus Way

Our approach

What do we mean by the “Juventus Way”? Following on from our philosophy, we aim to develop footballers through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. Our methodology can be summarised in five points:


Dictate proceedings, keep possession of the ball and stay calm. Focus on individual initiative and collective hard work.


Honed through dynamic drills that aim to perfect every technical skill. The development of each individual player is placed at the heart of every exercise.


Run through several detailed individual and team match situations, to be alternated throughout the week.


Train the individual to make effective decisions in match situations. Develop their speed of thought to adapt with changeable tactical and technical scenarios.


Promote an identity fostering the values of sacrifice, bravery and teamwork, to be applied both on and off the pitch.

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