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Juventus Academy Indonesia

Juve’s history speaks for itself. 119 years of silverware have made the Bianconeri colors iconic and created a fanbase of millions of supporters worldwide. It’s no coincidence the word Juventus means Youth.

Founded and developed by young men throughout the club’s history, Juventus combines its historic legacy with forward-thinking targets in a teaching method that aims to convey values beyond the playing field.

The past and the future are inextricably linked at Juventus, much like the white which embraces the black on their shirts.

The Juventus Academy project was born to bring Juventus' colors, methods and values to as many kids as possible.

Present in over 50 countries and on every continent, it offers both the teaching and development of football skills and educational training, accompanying young players in their growth, from introduction to the game to maturity, and not exclusively within the sport.

Scheduled to open in 2024, Juventus Academy at KBS Park is proud to bring this historically premier brand of football to the heart of Bali, with programs available for age groups 3 - 14 years old, both at a competitive level and at a developmental level.

We invite you to be a part of an extraordinary collaboration, we welcome you to the Juventus Academy Bali at KBS Park.


Juventus Academy Bali Announcement during Juventus Village Activation in Kemang

Recently, Juventus Academy Indonesia was officially announced during the Juventus Village, one of the biggest Juventus events in the nation; a three-day event with over 5000 visitors and Juventus legend, Edgar Davids, in attendance to celebrate with Juventus Fans.

“That's because the club believes that Bali is one of the most exciting places in Asia and it is the ideal location to strengthen our brand. Every year, more and more children grow up in Asia with a passion for football, which must be great news for us. Apart from this factor, which is important in itself, there is also the important fact that we have found a partner who shares our vision and passion, so we couldn't ask for anything better.”

Federico Palomba, Juventus APAC Managing Director, with KIOS Group presenting the KBS Park Juventus Jersey.


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juventus way

Juventus Way

Our approach

What do we mean by the “Juventus Way”? Following on from our philosophy, we aim to develop footballers through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. Our methodology can be summarised in five points:


Dictate proceedings, keep possession of the ball and stay calm. Focus on individual initiative and collective hard work.


Honed through dynamic drills that aim to perfect every technical skill. The development of each individual player is placed at the heart of every exercise.


Run through several detailed individual and team match situations, to be alternated throughout the week.


Train the individual to make effective decisions in match situations. Develop their speed of thought to adapt with changeable tactical and technical scenarios.


Promote an identity fostering the values of sacrifice, bravery and teamwork, to be applied both on and off the pitch.

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