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Come to our open trials for our post 16 football programme.

Thursday's at;

6pm - 7:30pm

Capital City Academy

Doyle gardens

NW10 3ST

The Academy

Juventus Academy London has developed an ambitious project for the strategic development for young talent with an exclusive methodology of a Serie A club.

‘Growing People before players’

The Juventus model focuses on the technical, tactical, mental, emotional and interpersonal aspects of a player.

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Year-round training

The year-round training programme is open to both girls and boys ages 6-16, this programme offers weekly training sessions focused on the Juventus way.


Juventus Academy London offers a comprehensive Goalkeeping Program to players interested in developing their knowledge of the position and improving their skills. A must for any aspiring young goalkeeper.

This is also perfect for older players who are settled into a competitive team or program, as they focus solely on the tactical and technical elements required for a goalkeeper.

World Cup

The Juventus Academy London provides our players and parents the opportunity to travel to Italy for the Juventus Academy World Cup. Our teams represent Juventus London and will compete against all other academies world-wide.

Training Experience

The Juventus Academy London provides players with the opportunity to experience training like a real Juventus player. They will travel to Italy and train at Vinovo, the prestigious training centre where Ronaldo Jr trains three days a week.

Juventus in your school Programme’s

Juventus in your school programme is offered to all Key Stages, tailored to each school’s requirements.

Football Education programme (Post 16)

We have partnered with Capital City Academy, based in northwest London, to offer a great opportunity to be part of a football programme combining education and football coaching.

Students are able to study A-levels and BTEC’s in Sport and Business.

The football programme is delivered by our very own Juventus Academy London coaches. Boys and girls train three days per week and play in the prestigious College League and the FA Youth Cup.

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Football Programme - Primary and Secondary

We partner with schools, delivering the Juventus way through before, lunch, after school sessions and lesson coaching.

juventus way

Juventus Way

Our approach

What do we mean by the “Juventus Way”? Following on from our philosophy, we aim to develop footballers through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. Our methodology can be summarised in five points:


Dictate proceedings, keep possession of the ball and stay calm. Focus on individual initiative and collective hard work.


Honed through dynamic drills that aim to perfect every technical skill. The development of each individual player is placed at the heart of every exercise.


Run through several detailed individual and team match situations, to be alternated throughout the week.


Train the individual to make effective decisions in match situations. Develop their speed of thought to adapt with changeable tactical and technical scenarios.


Promote an identity fostering the values of sacrifice, bravery and teamwork, to be applied both on and off the pitch.

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