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Juventus Academy Tanzania

Everest Sports is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with Juventus Football Club. Juventus is not only the most successful club in Italian football but also one of the most accomplished globally. With an impressive tally of sixty-three official titles on the national and international stage, Juventus has established itself as a powerhouse in the football world.

Among their achievements are a record thirty-four official league titles, eleven Coppa Italia titles, and seven Supercoppa Italiana titles. Additionally, they have clinched eleven titles in European competition, including two Intercontinental Cups, two UEFA Champions Leagues, one European Cup Winners' Cup, three UEFA Cups, two UEFA Super Cups, and one UEFA Intertoto Cup. Currently, they are also competing in this year's Champions League final, showcasing their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Commencing on September 4th, 2023, the new term will mark the beginning of Juventus Academy Tanzania. Our academy is dedicated to providing top-quality training sessions, and we are pleased to conduct them at our main location, Dar es Salaam International Academy (DIA).

Welcome to Juventus Academy Tanzania

Juventus Academy Tanzania believes in the positive benefits that playing sports offers. Organized sport teaches important life skills and valuable life lessons including:

  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Self-confidence
  • Hard work
  • Dedication

Our players are provided with a strong foundation in sport and football, following a method that emphasizes these key values, as well as fun and professionalism to help them grow both on and off the field.

Juventus Academy Tanzania aims to assist young footballers in taking their first steps into the football world by educating them with the renowned Juventus methodology, which is recognized as one of the best in the world and is implemented in over 80 countries.

Our academy is composed exclusively of high-level professionals who provide the best experience on and off the field. We have a dedicated team of coaches who have been carefully selected for their enthusiasm and qualifications.

To ensure the continuous development of our academy, every 6-8 weeks, our designated Area Manager from Juventus visits to work alongside our Technical Director and Coaches. During these visits, they coordinate training activities and sessions, provide coaching guidance to our coaches, and observe our players' progress. This collaborative approach ensures that our academy operates at the highest standards and allows our players to thrive in their football journey.

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juventus way

Juventus Way


Qu’entend-on par "Juventus Way"? Dans le cadre de notre philosophie, notre objectif est le développement ultérieur du football dans le sens d’une vision qui regroupe les facteurs techniques, mentaux, émotionnels et dynamiques de groupe. Notre méthodologie peut se résumer en cinq points:


Rester en possession du ballon ; Capacité à garder son calme. Accent sur l’initiative personnelle et le dévouement au travail collectif.


Les capacités individuelles et de groupe sont enseignés dans des exercices qui mettent l’accent sur les principes de jeu pendant la semaine.


L’enseignement est basée sur des situations individuelle et collectives, des jeux de position, la possession de balle et des jeux à thème.


Former l’individu à prendre des décisions efficaces dans les situations de match. En d'autres termes, l'élaboration du processus de prise de décision est cruciale pour la meilleure adaptation possible aux situations de jeu. Développer leur vitesse de pensée pour s’adapter à des scénarios tactiques et techniques changeables.


Promouvoir une identité qui favorise les valeurs du sacrifice, du courage et du travail d'équipe. Ces valeurs seront appliquer sur et en dehors du terrain de jeu.

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